Ryan Nickell is a real estate broker, co-founder of a seven-figure investment partnership, and #1 partner at REAL ESTATE EXPERTS, a vertically-integrated team/brokerage comprising in-house filming, industry education, best-in-class marketing, and online targeted marketing. His niche is return-on-investment-focused. He was also featured in 5th season of American Dream TV.

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Winning in this market takes time, energy, and commitment, but brings with it a great feeling of accomplishment and, in time, great wealth.  We love what we do and are proud of the considerable time and energy we devote to those navigating this uniquely competitive market to negotiate on behalf of our clients.  

Ranked #1 Agent in Sales Volume for 2021, 2022

by Brokerage metrics (Ryan Nickell)

Ranked #10 Team in Sales Volume Nationwide for 2021

by Wall Street Journal's Real Trends

"Ryan is legitimately the best realtor I have ever worked with. My family and I aren't entirely new to the real estate game, so we've dealt with a couple real estate agents in the past, but since working with Ryan, I don't see how we could ever work with anyone else again because the bar is now set at an incredible level."


$1.23 Billion

Lord family



Ryan is a nationally-recognized authority on the real estate market, entrepreneurship, and strategic renovations.

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Although Ryan approaches every transaction focused on maximizing the return-on-investment of those he is helping, he never loses sight of the fact that behind the financial bottom line is the human one.  

In our housing market, where the supply of qualified homebuyers typically outweighs the number of homes for sale, the properties that sell for the highest prices tend to be those that generate the most competition among homebuyers.  And, the properties that generate the most competition among homebuyers are those that attract the greatest number of buyers.  In our market, this tends to be updated homes – those with reasonably good “bones” and in updated cosmetic condition – that busy first-time homebuyers can move right into upon close of escrow.


If you’re considering either selling or buying in this market, understanding this will help maximize the return on your real estate investment.



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"If I could give more stars I would! Ryan was an amazing agent. Unlike other agents we have wasted our time with, Ryan actually has strategies for winning the bidding war. Without him and his team, I do not believe we would have gotten our forever home. He and Tim are VERY knowledgeable in all aspects of the real estate market. They've guided us through the financing process to make us a stronger buyer, helped us devise a plan for winning the bid, and even stuck with us after the sale to assist with the remodeling. Do not waste your time (and opportunity cost) with other agents. Go with this team.  They truly earned their well-deserved commission."

- Winnie and Dat Nguyen

Beyond merely standing behind what we do and how we do it, we believe you will quickly discover a difference in who we are.


By prioritizing relationships over transactions, we aim to make the journey through our real estate market feel less like a gauntlet and more like an adventure.


Dream TV

American Dream TV's fifth season features Ryan and Tim as they showcase lifestyle and real estate in Silicon Valley, one of the world's most competitive real estate markets.

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with me


After spending over a decade in real estate and high-R.O.I.-remodeling, I’d love to share what I’ve learned and connect with those who would like to maximize their return on their home.