How were we able to generate 40+ competitive offers on your neighbor’s home here in the Silicon Valley Bay Area? A low interest rate environment and strong macro market, where thousands of homebuyers migrating from higher-density urban areas to the space and pace of life in South Bay, obviously played a role but only tells part of the story…

Crucial to helping Brad and Lisa, Jonny M, Denise and Kent, Tianyu and Mia outpace neighboring home sales and set all-time records by far was the considerable time and effort we put into intelligent cosmetic updates, presenting, and showcasing their home to hit the widest cross-section of Bay Area home buyers. We work closely with dozens and dozens of hungry homebuyers at any moment and have an in-depth understanding of what they want both logically and emotionally.

The time and labor we invested up front in producing a slightly more updated home with aesthetic design details in high-return areas and the manner in which we messaged these key details helped Brad and Lisa sell their Silicon Valley home an extra six figures above what the market suggested their home was worth. If you give Bay Area home buyers what they want and what excites them, they will pay a premium for it.

We have been fielding far more calls and questions from out-of-town folks weighing options with their South Bay investment home. If you’ve been having similar thoughts, we are happy to share a few minutes on the phone with a consultative approach where we talk through the pros and cons of various courses of action, especially involving our niche of mitigating capital gains taxes. Of course, we recognize you’re probably hesitant to pick up the phone unless we’re at least willing to negotiate on commission. We can certainly have that conversation, as others in your shoes have also found it valuable to discuss, with specifics, the process we follow in key areas to ultimately sell investment homes like yours in South Bay for up to 12% more than the comparable neighborhood homes. Here’s an overview of how we get these standout results:

Presentation: The goal when presenting a home to the public is to create a whoah! moment for a prospective buyer from the moment they first glimpse the property online through when they first pull up to the driveway and walk through the door. To ensure the best possible first impression, we employ high-end professional photographers, videographers, and interior designers to showcase each property like a model home, even if it’s quite ordinary, presenting each property in its very best light (pun slightly intended), which has been tangibly proven to increase buyer views, engagement, and ranking on real estate search engines.

Pricing: Most Realtors use an outdated pricing model that relies on a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) when deciding the price to list a home for sale. This approach is inherently backwards looking and can’t keep up with an appreciation market like ours, preventing a property from realizing its highest sale potential by as much as 5-8% alone. We prefer a strategic pricing model leveraging a pre-appraisal along with 27 additional economic indicators that have proven to influence buyers to step further outside their comfort zones and, as a result, drive up the final sales price.

Promotion: Once a home is prepared and priced for the open market, it is time to promote the home to prospective buyers and their agents everywhere. Our extensive marketing plan includes local South Bay marketing, national and international marketing, and social media campaigns. By addressing these four critical audiences we regularly triple the neighborhood norms for online views. This layered approach, and our commitment to immediately respond to every inquiry, maximizes exposure to potential buyers and helps drive up the final sale price. Our listings rank #1 in placement and views on Zillow, and we’re happy to share these screenshots.

Negotiation: A skilled negotiator can easily swing the final value by several percent. We are both savvy and experienced in negotiation, Certified Negotiation Experts trained in the same methods taught at Harvard Law School. Our collaborative negotiation tactics have increased sale prices 4%.


Selling homes for 12%-18% more than the neighborhood average in South Bay may sound outlandish, but the fact is that doing the multitude of little things right adds up to a big difference in how much equity you end up with at the end of your sale. (Not to mention, we may also be able to help you mitigate your capital gains tax burden.) To find out how we do it, please feel free to reach out at your convenience.

Feel free to call or text my iPhone (408) 857-5153 to learn more, or schedule a time that works for you on my calendar below.

All the best,

Ryan Nickell and Tim Pasken
(408) 857-5153

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