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Renovation innovation. Yields are the goal. Appreciation is the cherry on top. NET more.


Ryan draw’s on his experience as a real estate agent plus investor (since 2011) to mine the Silicon Valley real estate market for investment opportunities and hungry investors looking to renovate to unlock hidden value. 

Beyond expertise with secondary dwelling units, Ryan is also passionate about leveraging his extensive experience with successful buy-and-hold and short-term investments to help others who seek to produce income through Silicon Valley residential real estate. 

Ryan believes savvy investment in – and improvement of – targeted Silicon Valley properties provide untapped opportunities for Silicon Valley residents to earn reliable passive income from their properties (significantly lowering their effective cost of living) and, alternately, for investors to cash flow properties as they appreciate. 

Whether focusing on 1031 exchanges, short term fix-and-flips, or long term buy-and-holds, Ryan has the resources, personal experience, and, most importantly, the renovation team to help navigate this residential investment market niche and help you NET more. 



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