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When selling a home, our focus is foremost on maximizing your return-on-investment to ensure you net up to 18% above your neighborhood average and keep more of your profit.

We employ a market-proven process to accomplish these goals and maximize your ROI.

Sell with a Real Estate Expert.

We put your property in front of more potential buyers worldwide than anyone else.

Ryan Nickell SOLD

"Ryan is legitimately the best realtor I have ever worked with. My family and I aren't entirely new to the real estate game, so we've dealt with a couple real estate agents in the past, but since working with Ryan, I don't see how we could ever work with anyone else again because the bar is now set at an incredible level."

Numbers don't lie...

A lot of little things add up to make a big difference, a higher sale price, in this market, it takes time, energy, and commitment, but brings with it a great feeling of accomplishment and, in time, great wealth.  We love what we do and are proud of the considerable time and energy we devote to those navigating this uniquely competitive market to sell for up to 18% more than neighborhood averages.

Ranked #10 Team in Sales Volume Nationwide for 2021

by Wall Street Journal's Real Trends


$1.23 Billion

Ranked #1 Agent in Sales Volume for 2021, 2022

by Brokerage metrics (Ryan Nickell)

Lord family


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The majority of first-time homebuyers prefer a home that looks new or has been recently “updated.” Many of these buyers are unsure how to remodel a home and are intimidated by the thought.


As a result, through experience we know that Bay Area buyers will gladly pay a 5-7% premium for a home that is upgraded and move-in ready, much as many of these same individuals will pay a premium to stay at a higher-end hotel or for the convenience of having their meals delivered.  With every property we list, we provide an upgrades analysis to help determine exactly which “updates” will maximize your net return in the event of a sale.


We’ll provide a variety of options, from selling the home as-is, to performing strategic renovations proven to attract qualified buyers and drive interest, to comprehensively remodeling the entire home. Leveraging our extensive remodeling experience and team of designers and contractors, we will provide construction cost and ROI estimates for each choice along with convenient options whereby we can front the cost of these renovations.

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Screen Shot 2022-06-05 at 11.19.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-05 at 11.19.43 PM.png



Beyond merely standing behind what we do and how we do it, we believe you will quickly discover a difference in who we are.


By prioritizing relationships over transactions, we aim to make the journey through our real estate market feel less like a gauntlet and more like an adventure.


"If I could give more stars I would! Ryan was an amazing agent. Unlike other agents we have wasted our time with, Ryan actually has strategies for winning the bidding war. Without him and his team, I do not believe we would have gotten our forever home. He and Tim are VERY knowledgeable in all aspects of the real estate market. They've guided us through the financing process to make us a stronger buyer, helped us devise a plan for winning the bid, and even stuck with us after the sale to assist with the remodeling. Do not waste your time (and opportunity cost) with other agents. Go with this team.  They truly earned their well-deserved commission."

- Winnie and Dat Nguyen



The goal when presenting a home to the public is to create a "whoah!" moment for prospective buyers, from their first glimpse of the property online, through the moment they first walk through your door.  To ensure the best possible first impression, we employ high-end professional photographers, videographers, and interior designers to make your property show like a model home, presenting it in its very best light (pun slightly intended).  Data shows that taking these steps increases buyer engagement and the property’s ranking on real estate search engines and aggregation websites.



Most Realtors use an outdated pricing model that relies on a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) when deciding the price to list a home for sale.  This approach is inherently backwards looking and can’t keep up with a quickly appreciating market. These stale pricing models often prevent properties from realizing their true sale price potential on the open market.


We prefer a strategic pricing model leveraging a pre-appraisal along with 27 additional economic indicators that have proven to influence buyers to step further outside their comfort zones and, as a result, driving final sales prices up for our clients as much as 8%.



Once a home is prepared and priced for the open market, it is time to promote the home to prospective buyers and their agents everywhere.  Our extensive marketing plan includes local marketing, national and international marketing, and social media campaigns. By addressing these four critical audiences we can triple the amount of online views as compared to only posting on the MLS and Zillow.


As a result, our listings regularly rank #1 in placement and views on Zillow.  This layered approach, and our commitment to immediately respond to every prospective buyer and agent inquiry, maximizes exposure and helps drive up the final sale price.



A skilled negotiator can easily swing the final value by several percent.  We are both savvy and experienced in negotiation – one a licensed attorney and former litigator, the other a Certified Negotiation Expert trained in the same methods taught at Harvard Law School. Our dogged negotiation tactics have increased sale prices an additional 4% on recent home sales, and we’d be happy to explain just how.


Consistently selling homes well above their neighborhood average sales prices may sound far-fetched, but the fact is that doing the multitude of little things right adds up to a big difference in how much equity you end up with at the end of your sale.


(Not to mention, we may also be able to help you mitigate your capital gains tax burden.)


To find out how we sell for up to 18% more, please feel free to reach out at your convenience.

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