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For the past decade, our Silicon Valley housing market has become one of the most competitive — and strongest — real estate markets in the world.

Winning in this market takes time, energy, and commitment, but brings with it a great feeling of accomplishment and, in time, great wealth. We love what we do and are proud of the considerable time and energy we devote to those navigating this uniquely competitive market to negotiate on behalf of our clients.

Beyond merely standing behind what we do and how we do it, we believe you will quickly discover a difference in who we are. By prioritizing relationships over transactions, we aim to make the journey through our real estate market feel less like a gauntlet and more like an adventure.

Although we approach every transaction focused on maximizing the return-on-investment of those we are helping, we never lose sight of the fact that behind the financial bottom line is the human one.

How do Ryan’s buyers win? An ex-Googler, on Google Maps team, Ryan leverages his extensive knowledge of the Silicon Valley area for targeting good deals and appreciating neighborhoods, saving a cumulative $1 million below market price for his buyers. Buyers can win without having to be the highest on price, even in a bidding war, because another competitive advantage is the ability to win with his partner lenders, including a couple who can convert buyers into cash offers (still financed).

This South Bay market is competitive, fast-paced, and often cut-throat and intimidating. Yet, behind the purchase and sale of every home is a real story of goals, dreams, and hopes of people we care about. We cannot wait to see where your story leads.

But first, why work with Ryan?

100+ 5-star reviews across a handful of real estate websites are just a glimpse into the trust buyers have in Ryan here in Silicon Valley.

Five-star homebuying

Full-service. All in one agent team.

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2nd unit income

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Remodeling investments

They provided

tremendous help throughout

my house purchase

and remodeling."


Investment minded

" We would not even have

thought of a second investment

property if it was not for the

confidence in Tim and Ryan."

google development investment minded.jpg
VA anchor

Local market insight

Ryan and Tim are incredibly

thorough and insightful

on the local market

inventory and conditions..."

VA expertise

" They're the go-to for military

families looking to use the

VA loan to secure a family

home in the Bay Area!"


Home searching with Tim and Ryan...

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